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Particularly if companies and their shareholders did not have the time or immediate reason to deal intensively with questions of corporate law at the beginning of the entrepreneurial cooperation, or if they shied away from the associated effort, problems among the shareholders are pre-programmed, which often end in protracted and costly shareholder disputes in the further course. Typical occasions for such disputes among shareholders are differences of opinion among the shareholder-managers as to how the company should be managed, the exclusion/termination of a shareholder for good cause (e.g. in the case of competition violations or irregularities in the management), divorce of a shareholder, death of a shareholder and successor heirs, or the wish of a shareholder to sell the company but does not receive the necessary consent from the other shareholders.

3Q|Law German law experts not only specializes in drafting customized German corporate law structures for your company, but also in developing and negotiating out-of-court solutions in the event of a dispute. Only when all possibilities have been exhausted and a legal dispute cannot be avoided, 3Q|Law will also take the path to a shareholder dispute together with you as the "ultima ratio" in order to forcefully assert your justified concerns. In this way, 3Q|Law has obtained numerous preliminary injunctions for its clients in recent years and has also successfully asserted its clients' interests in main proceedings before regional courts and higher regional courts up to the Federal Supreme Court (with lawyers admitted to practice there).

We do not only have German corporate law and litigation experts in Germany, but also via 3Q|International offices in New York, Boston and San Francisco with Dr. Raoul Duggal LL.M. qualified both in the US and Germany.

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