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Corporate law consulting, mostly in Hamburg and Northern Germany, is third core area of 3Q|Law's legal consulting activities, in addition to the consulting focus on mergers & acquisitions (in short "M&A in Germany"), i.e. the acquisition / sale of companies in Germany, as well as inheritance law. The professional drafting of German articles of association and supplementary documents usually involves a certain amount of effort, but this is more than justified by the importance of the issues to be regulated. For example, in the event of the death of a partner, divorce or termination, high compensation payments may have to be made, which can cause considerable liquidity problems for a company. Also, in the case of several partners, disputes often arise among the partners, which can lead to the inability to act and bitter disputes with numerous lawsuits. As a specialized lawyer for inheritance law and German corporate law, 3Q|Law is able to optimally interlink both the entrepreneurial area and the private area and offer them from one source. While the advice as a German lawyer for inheritance law is rather regionally related to Hamburg, the advice as a lawyer for German corporate and company law is not so much focused on Hamburg, but definitely also national and international.

As a result, it is much better to address the various risks in the partnership agreement in order to be better equipped to deal with an emergency. Should disputes nevertheless arise among the shareholders, 3Q|Law will assist its clients in word and deed in order to work out out-of-court solutions if possible. If this is not possible, 3Q|Law will support you in consistently enforcing your rights with judicial assistance.

3Q|Law has many years of experience as a lawyer in litigation before both the German Regional Courts and the Higher Regional Courts in Germany. In particular, the representation of entrepreneurs, shareholders and managing directors in shareholder disputes plays a central role. In order to avoid an escalation of the shareholder dispute, it is particularly important to have the negotiating skills of a lawyer as well as creative solutions in order to ideally avoid protracted legal disputes.

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