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Clients of 3Q|Law in the field of German M&A are not only strategic investors from industry and medium-sized companies or private equity investors, but also small and medium-sized companies in Germany who want to sell their company or a stake in it.
As a specialized M&A lawyers or lawyers for the acquisition and sale of German companies respectively, 3Q|Law advises on the following areas, among others:

Your M&A Legal and Tax Experts in Germany

On the buyer side, 3Q|Law as your German M&A lawyer advises both strategic investors who want to generate additional sales or enter new markets through targeted acquisitions, as well as prospective buyers, private equity investors or family offices (e.g. also in the case of MBOs or MBIs) who are looking for the path to independence together with one or more managing directors - as an alternative to founding a new company in Germany. A structured approach is also indispensable in the case of a company acquisition in Germany.

Especially in German medium-sized companies, the management style and success are strongly influenced by the owner's personal relationships with the workforce, but also with customers and suppliers. A buyer who does not know the company at all will therefore initially find it difficult to follow in the seller's footsteps and seamlessly enter into the important relationships that have often been built up over decades.

So what could be more obvious than to start by looking around in your own company for a suitable company buyer? If the management consists not only of you as the seller, but also of other managing directors or authorized signatories, it is necessary to take a closer look to see whether one or more of these people are suitable and also willing to succeed the company. In addition to management experience and familiarity with the specific internal company processes, questions of entrepreneurial attitude also play a central role.

If the path of internal succession is blocked or if this option later fails to materialize, the path of a management buy-in may well be an option. For the management of competitor companies in particular, this can represent an interesting development opportunity, both for their personal development and for the company to be acquired, which would then continue to be managed by a management team with experience in the sector. However, post-contractual non-competition clauses in particular, to which the managing director wishing to acquire the company may be bound, can prove to be problematic here.

In all cases of company acquisition or sale, 3Q|Law, as a specialized German corporate lawyers, can also advise on the future corporate structure, which means an essential factor for the success of the M&A deal.

Since the sale of a company is often triggered by the age or death of the owner, 3Q|Law can also provide qualified legal advice in these cases as a specialized lawyer for inheritance law. For example, the drafting of the partnership agreement as the basis for testamentary dispositions, the right to a compulsory portion, the but also anticipated succession are all of considerable importance.

3Q|Law can advise and accompany your German M&A project as a proven German M&A specialist in all phases of a company acquisition and sale at the highest level of quality. The "Beck'sches Handbuch M&A in midsize companies in Germany" edited written by Dr. Henning Jaques, which has meanwhile been published in several editions, guarantees the consideration of all essential aspects that arise for you in the context of such a transaction.

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