Preparation of an German M&A Information Memorandum / Sales Exposé

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In the field of mergers & acquisitions in Germany (abbreviated to "M&A"), i.e. the purchase and sale of companies, there are numerous special features which must be taken into account and the precise knowledge of which can bring considerable advantages to both the company purchaser and the company seller. If, when selling a company in Germany, the company owner wishes to take advantage of the opportunities to increase the purchase price through the competition arising in a controlled bidding process, a so-called information memorandum (sales exposé) must typically be prepared, on the basis of which the various prospective buyers receive initial qualified information about the object of purchase.

However, since even negligent and even more so intentional misrepresentations about the object of purchase in the information memorandum as well as in the further sales process can lead to liability on the part of the company seller, this part should also be professionally accompanied. As far as the structuring and execution of the company sale in Germany in the form of a bidding process is concerned, 3Q|Law can fall back on excellent partners who support you in the area of German M&A / Corporate Finance in a corporate advisory capacity, e.g. in the professional company valuation, in the search for and finding of potential buyers as well as the organization of a bidding process and the due diligence checks. This also includes the organization and "filling" of a virtual data room, in which all relevant information is made available to the prospective buyers and also documented.

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